deepVoxel EventAnalytics for Event Precision

deepVoxel EventAnalytics is interactive software for time-series and event-based data. It helps analysts arrive at deeper insight by connecting analysts to granular views of data.


deepVoxel EventAnalytics is useful in high-value settings where understanding of events and outcomes is critical:

Price-formation: How will prices evolve following an event, such as a news release or sudden change in market dynamics?

Patterns of infrequent events: Do outliers share a common root cause? Might they indicate a predictable outcome?

Lead-lag analysis: Are sequences of price quotes predictive?

Seasonality:Do patterns of events reoccur on a periodic basis?

How Does It Work?

deepVoxel EventAnalytics works by combining innovations in three areas:

High resolution views of event streams: Easily navigate a wide range of event-volumes, from millions of events to a single event.

Statistical GUI interactions: Advanced statistical queries are performed via cursor and mouse-clicks.

Logical organization of event-based data structures: The layout of graphical objects is structured according to how analysts solve problems that are related to time-series data.

How Do I Use It?

Data connections: connects with Matlab, R and other statistical software via standard formats such as CSV. Custom connections can be built on request.

Custom analytics and 'presentation layer' functionality: deepVoxel EventAnalytics is written in Matlab and contains the analytic functions described in the above section. Additional functions can be added as requested. Alternatively, it can be used as a presentation layer with your existing software in R or Matlab.