About deepVoxel

deepVoxel's founders and advisors have an established record of achievement in the fields of financial services, engineering, marketing and medical imaging. In addition to their solid business accomplishments, they are contributors to scholarly journals and creators of intellectual property.

Chuck Hahm - Principal Analyst

Charles 'Chuck' Hahm has directed new product development for a range of companies involved in pattern recognition, data-mining and signal processing technologies. He has led multi-university collaborations and served as Prinicipal Investigator for DoD and NIH agency research projects. Chuck holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Download Bio for Chuck Hahm

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deepVoxel's advisory board members are very highly regarded in their respective fields. They take an active role in guiding the strategies and direction of deepVoxel.

Craig Jacobson Craig is sales and marketing expert, founder of several small businesses and skilled at architecting effective sales and marketing systems. A 15+ year entrepreneur, top 10 MBA, Fortune 500 sales and marketing director, Craig brings marketing strategy to small businesses. A veteran of nearly 100 Infusionsoft implementations, 3 year CMAC and Infusionsoft expert. Craig is the Presidnt and Founder of Open Spaces Consulting

Russell Wayne Anderson, PhD has extensive management experience in the fields of data mining and analytics. His management experience includes high level executive positions at Chase Bank and the Halifax Bank of Scotland. Russell has a number of patents and has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles in journals including Science, Nature Medicine, and Journal of Neurophysiology

Dan Ness is the President of MetaFacts Inc. and is a widely recognized innovator in the field of marketing analytics. His company is reknowned for it's Technology User Profile, the longest running survey of high-tech consumer user patterns. Dan is an invited speaker at many conferences and industry seminars.