Events, Prediction and Visualization

deepVoxel has a track record of delivering analytics successes in engineering and hard sciences. The following case studies outline solutions for customers in both the US Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health.

Pattern Recognition in Medical Diagnostics


A biotech start-up needs an image processing platform that performs predictive classification of magnetic resonance images to identify atherosclerotic plaque. This system needs to support 3D multiple-contrast image data from an international consortium of universities devoted to medical research.


deepVoxel develops a software platform that supports high-dimensional feature analysis and an array of other image processing functions.

Image Analytics


Methods to evaluate atherosclerotic plaque are laborious, requiring the efforts of physicians and/or radiologists to perform manual tracing of images. Researchers in vascular imaging need a system to automatically quantify lesions. This system was evaluated by the Vascular Imaging Laboratory at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and was found to closely match the performance of human experts.


deepVoxel develops a software suite and innovative algorithms that solve challenging problems related to automated lesion quantification.

Analytics for Multi-Sensor Fusion


The US Air Force needs a sensor system that perfoms non-contact precision distance measurement. This system needs to meet rigorous specifications including those related to operation in a high-vibration environment.


This system performs non-contact precision distance measurement by fusing the readings from multiple sensors. This sensor system has a number of value attributes that make it an appealing alternative to other sensor modalities.

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